How can I trust a new investment platform like Unhedged?

We understand that trusting your money with a company is not always easy. We want to make this an easy decision for you, and here are some of the things we know are important to you:

  • We are authorised by the regulator, ASIC, as a representative under the Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL – tbc).
  • Unhedged does not have any direct access to your money or investments. The Unhedged algorithms will trade your money in a fund structure. All funds are held with a highly rated custodian (Melbourne Securities Corporation Trustees). Even in the unlikely case that Unhedged as a company stops operating the money and investment will be safe with our custodian.
  • We are Australian owned and operated. You are welcome to connect with the founder, Peter Bakker on LinkedIn or connect with other team members. We probably have some mutual connections.
  • We are incredibly transparent (unlike most fund managers). You can see exactly what stocks and ETFs your money is invested in using our mobile app

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