How much does an Unhedged Account cost?

The account is itself is 100% FREE. We don’t charge commission, transaction or trading fees.

In the future, come August, we will charge a platform fee of $5 per month. This fee is waived one month for every person you refer and who signs up.

For balances over $5k, we charge an annual management fee of 0.49%. This will be deducted from your fund holdings (that’s just $24.50 a year on a $10k balance).

The best thing is that Unhedged is aligned with your financial goals: We will charge only an overperformance fee when we do better than the benchmark. Whatever is over the benchmark you get charged 20% over that amount.

With an Unhedged Account, you get an efficient, well-diversified scientifically-backed portfolio actively invested in stocks and bonds. You can switch to automatic rebalancing to keep your portfolio on track (rebalancing is free of course).

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