Why Invest with

Unhedged is designed for investors who want more than single-digit returns. For investors who want to improve their lives without becoming day traders. For people like you and me who are open to a new style of investment.

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Our Mission

While working for hedge funds, investment banks and top tier consultants, we were disappointed we could not get our friends on the advanced tools we created. Once we realised that everyday investors have no access to advanced investment tools, it was time to create Unhedged!

We get a kick out making more money for you, so you can send your children to a better school, buy that bigger house, go on that bucket list holiday or retire earlier. It all starts here.

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Why is Unhedged Different?

  • Super simple mobile app
  • Invest and Withdraw your money at any time
  • We are aligned: most of our fees are charged when we overperform
  • Designed to outperform
  • Low fees compared to the industry
  • Your money is held at first-rate banks you know
  • All algorithms are built on solid Academic Research
  • We are licensed (AFSL) and we use a local custodian
  • Built with love by real people in Australia: Meet Our Team

When is it time to get Unhedged?


Many years creating and testing algorithms on our own money

April 2021

Unhedged Fund opens for Wholesale Investors

June 2021

Unhedged launch in beta-mode and we will organise a Crowd Equity round at Birchal

July 2021

Better returns for people like you and me are finally here!

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on three principles.

The first principle is the idea that systematic investing will in the end outperform a stock-picking strategy. There are great stock pickers in the world but most of us simply don’t have the time or the energy to invest a lot of time in research: we have a life to live!

The second principle is that slight overperformance kicks goals over time. There are no short cuts in life but in investing there are shorter roads to returns that create better outcomes than most advisors can generate. There is plenty of academic research available that confirms that successful investing is based on being invested for a long time. However, a slight over-performance over a longer time frame will supercharge your asset base.

The third principle is that machines are getting better and better and we should use the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to our advantage. Machines trade the majority of all trading volume in the market. How can we compete as a human? Only by using our human creativity with the processing power of computers.


Why are Algorithms better investors?

Algorithms don’t sleep, they never go on holiday, and they are tireless in their efforts. But are they better investors? Let’s find out!

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