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Unhedged Deepdive with Sub11

Chris Titley from Sub11 caught up with Unhedged co-founder Saskia Albers to discuss how Unhedged works and what the future plans are.

Our quants found an interesting correlation with companies that are actively reducing their carbon footprint and the correlation of share prices. They will use this input as a basis for our ESG algorithm.
Podcast 17 Oct 22

Bear Markets and algorithms, oh my!

Listen in as Peter talks bear markets and algorithms with Phil Muscatello on Shares for Beginners.

Algorithmic investing is basically a type of investing, what is between passive and active. So yes, we take positions in the market, but we are guarding those positions every second.
Podcast 14 Sep 22

Peter’s been selected as a judge for the 2022 Pause Awards.

He’s judging the Operators Category Track at Pause Awards 2022. Read the details of the event here.

Pause is an iconic event, and I would love to give back to an event like this.
Article 10 Aug 22

Saskia won SmallBiz’s Fintech Founder Award!

Read this profile of Saskia for her win and learn about how Unhedged is disrupting the finance industry.

Our algorithms are designed to outperform their benchmarks. They read millions of data points and trade actively, all fully automated.
Article 26 May 22

We’re nominated for Emerging Fintech of the Year!

Listen in as Peter talks with Dexter Cousins from Fintech Chatter Podcast about our nomination and about how Unhedged does things differently.

We are going places.
Podcast 23 May 22

Is crypto the next big algo trading battleground?

Watch or listen in as Peter discusses algorithmic trading strategy when it comes to equities, bonds and cash with Callum Newman on The FatTail Investment Podcast

I do think the financial world is geared against the everyday investor. So, what we do is we try to charge the majority of the fees only when we hit a high watermark and do better than the market.
Video 13 Apr 22

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