Why did we create

Our MIssion

While working for hedge funds, investment banks and top tier consultants, we were disappointed we could not get our friends on the advanced tools we created. Once we realised that everyday investors have no access to advanced investment tools, it was time to create Unhedged!

We get a kick out making more money for you, so you can send your children to a better school, buy that bigger house, go on that bucket list holiday or retire earlier. It all starts here.


Who uses Unhedged?

R U Unhedged?

Are you Unhedged? Yes, you are! If you are convinced that old fashioned investing is for your parents and their friends. If you are convinced that technology could yield better results, then you came to the right place.


Why we use Unhedged?

Why Unhedged?

We use Unhedged ourselves. Not only to make sure we do create the best investment tools possible but also because we are convinced Unhedged will give the best results in the long run.