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There’s been much excitement about the arrival of Unhedged; advanced algorithm tools have previously been accessible only to uber-wealthy

Before we open up for retail investors (the PDS will be lodged in days), experienced wholesale investors can enter the fund with no upper limit on the balance. They will also be able to experience the app in the next few weeks. If you are interested email [email protected] and our team will take you through the process.

Unhedged has raised $3.3M to date, attracted big-name investors and a waiting list of close to 8,000 eager investors.

Unhedged stands well apart from the rest of the robo-advisor crowd thanks to its proprietary algorithms. Where traditional robo-advisors continue to have humans making investment decisions, Unhedged adds millions of data points instantly, as the trading day progresses. These algorithms mean there’s no human bias.

We are super excited to bring this to the everyday investor, be part of the journey and start today!

— Peter